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Midsummer Fire Festival Runs from June 21st through July 5th

Artifact Retirement Quests Available
The Artifact Retirement quest is now live!

  • Go ahead and complete the quest, it currently doesn't deactivate your Artifact weapon, that is coming later.
  • Completing the quest grants Artifact Level 126 which puts you at 75 Concordance.
  • This just simply upon completion moves everyone to Concordance 75 and then next week another bump, and then another.
  • This affects all of your spec's artifacts.
  • Blizzard is working on a hotfix to allow you to vendor Artifact Power items.

When you log in, you are given the quest The Speaker's Call which has you travel to Silithus and talk to the flight master of your respective faction's hub in order to get a ride up to your faction's gunship. Magni is on board with a select number of influential Legion NPCs (based on your faction) who also have Artifact weapons.

Upon turn in, you will receive the quest The Power in Our Hands which requires you to speak to Magni to initiate a cutscene in which you and the other NPCs use your Artifact Weapons to drain the energy from Sargeras's sword and stabilize the wound.

Future Artifact Changes
Sometime around Battle for Azeroth launch, all traits and abilities attached to your Artifact Weapon will become disabled, including those from the Netherlight Crucible and your relics. Relics can still be slotted into the weapon, but all they do is increase the item level of the weapon.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Just some clarification on this one but yes there should be a quest called "The Speaker's Call" that should begin the Artifact Weapon Overcharge. You will need to complete the prerequisite Magni quests in order to receive "The Speaker's Call". When you complete this it should overcharge your artifact up to Artifact Level 126 which puts you at 75 Concordance. All of the existing traits will function until the pre patch.

Take advantage of the overcharge and go take on things like the Mage Tower, Ahead of the Curve: Argus, and The Chosen that are removed when the prepatch goes live soon™. Also don't forget the usual Mythic mount drop chances that will be lowered from their guaranteed 100% when Battle for Azeroth goes live!

If I'm higher than Artifact Level 126 and I do the quest, will I actually lose power?
It should only affect Artifacts that are below that value. So if you're above Concordance 75 it should keep you at that Concordance value. However you might notice it jump up in a week or two

This just simply upon completion moves everyone to Concordance 75 and then next week another bump, and then another. You get the picture.

TL;DR: Smash everything.

Thanks for making Cutting Edge a participation award, I guess..
I mean for those teams that are really close(we're talking consistent ~10% pulls) this will be a bump to help but largely won't be too noticeable. At that level your concordance should already be fairly close to this(if not higher). If not but you're struggling mechanically this won't make any difference.

I wouldn't call out Cutting Edge because if you're not already close to this it's still not easy to obtain. It's impressive don't get me wrong, but still not feasible for 99% of players.

Does it affect all specs or just one spec per toon?
All specs for that character upon completion of the quest.

it hits all specs, but it's so lack luster, they didnt even bother voicing over magni while he is talking to you in a cutscene, not even subtitles, just him mouthing nothing
There is an issue with his talking head and voice over not appearing and we should have a fix for that soonish. I'll update once I get confirmation that its functioning again.

Mage Tower Up Until Pre-Expansion Patch

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Just giving some context to this! Yes it is officially up permanently until pre patch. Due to how the Broken Shore functions, the buildings will still be created and destroyed in the normal cycles however the NPC is now resistant to Legion Fel-Fire™ and will just permanently be standing there. Once pre patch hits though the appearances will be no longer obtainable so make sure you guys go get it while you have the chance!

So all artifacts will be lvl 126 with mage tower up all the time.
YEP! And they get stronger every week until pre patch! GO GET THEM APPEARANCES!

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