Battle for Azeroth Beta - Build 26871

Druid Artifact Transmog in Battle for Azeroth
The latest beta build added the Artifact transmog system:

  • When transmogging your weapon, there is an option under the weapon type drop down menu called "Artifact Pair."
  • When you select this, you see your basic artifact weapon and the different versions of each weapon.
  • When you right click the version, a list of the different forms and color options is able to be selected to apply to your character.
  • The form is still linked to your artifact weapon and so your weapon will appear as the claws or daggers (based on spec) regardless of what weapon you have equipped. (ex - your equipped polearm would still turn into the dual daggers).
  • A similar system is in place for other classes.

Uther's Tomb Updates
Uther's Tomb received some more updates in Battle for Azeroth. His statue has been upgraded and two locked doors have appeared on either side of the stained glass window. If you look through the bars, you can see stairs leading down into an unknown location.

Dark Iron Racial - Mole Machine
The Mole Machine allows you and your friends to travel to Stormwind or right outside Ironforge.

Warfront and Island Expedition Queue Menus
The menus that allow you to queue for Warfronts and Island Expeditions were recently added to beta.

Battle for Azeroth Timewalking Quest Reward
The quest available whenever a timewalking event is active returns in Battle for Azeroth and has been updated to reward a normal cache from the new raid and artifact power for your neck piece.

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