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Echoes of Alterac, Heroes of the Storm PTR Notes - June 4, 2018

Dark Ascension Changes - Battle for Azeroth

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Update on Dark Ascension:

The next build's version will no longer have the requirement that you be out of Voidform to cast it. The goal with that requirement in the original design was to prevent players from wasting/incorrectly using it during Voidform to extend Voidform a bit via the Insanity it generates.

Instead, with the next iteration, you can cast Dark Ascension at any time, and it activates a new Voidform, resetting your Insanity drain and Voidform stacks.

You'll also keep any Insanity you currently had, and Generate 50 more (pending tuning) to add to that. We considered it resetting your Insanity to 0, then generating 50 afterwards, but that meant you'd probably want to wait until Voidform is completely over before using Dark Ascension, which is counter to the design of the talent being both a flexible on-demand burst AOE and a way to enter/start a new Voidform whenever you choose.

Greater Invasion Boss - Inquisitor Meto
Inquisitor Meto is up this week, rewarding item level 930 gear.

World Boss - Withered J'im
DEADLY: Withered J'im is up this week.

Weekly Bonus Event - Legion Dungeons
The Legion Dungeon Event is live this week!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
All week, open Group Finder (default hotkey: i) and then select Dungeon Finder to queue for any Legion dungeon on Normal or Heroic difficulty. Alternately, get a group of veteran dungeoneers together and travel to one of the Legion dungeons on Mythic difficulty.

Look for the following all week long:

  • Archmage Timear near Violet Hold in Dalaran has a quest for you. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it from within the Adventure Journal.
    • Quest requirement: Complete 4 Legion dungeons on Mythic difficulty.
    • Rewards: One loot box containing a piece of gear from Heroic difficulty Antorus.

  • Passive bonus: The final boss in each dungeon drop additional loot on all difficulties (except Mythic Keystone difficulties).

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