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Affliction Warlock Feedback - Battle for Azeroth

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
We're going to swap Haunt (was lvl 15, now lvl 90) with Deathbolt (was lvl 90, now lvl 15) in the talent tree in the next build. This fulfills a desire (mentioned several times here) to be able to play a Nightfall + Haunt or Drain Soul + Haunt build, which a lot of players think is fun (and is fair feedback).

The reason we made the last round of talent swaps, which saw Nightfall and Drain Soul move to level 15, and Shadow Embrace and Haunt move to level 90, was to satisfy a different desire (as players mentioned even in this thread) to allow Drain Soul and Grimoire of Sacrifice to be taken together, as both are identity, feel, and greatly gameplay changing. That also seemed reasonable.

Separately, that also had the benefit of allowing Nightfall and Drain Soul to be acquirable earlier at lvl 15, since they are both great leveling talents and good to have early.

To make room for Nightfall and Drain Soul on the lvl 15 row, we chose to move Shadow Embrace and Deathbolt together (as opposed to Shadow Embrace and Haunt) because Shadow Embrace and Haunt are pretty similar - they both provide a damage taken debuff with or near 100% uptime. That's still true, but it seems better overall to live with that, look for opportunities to improve/replace Shadow Embrace in the future, and support a Nightfall + Haunt build.

So the new layout looks like:
Row 15: Nightfall, Drain Soul, Deathbolt
Row 90: Shadow Embrace, Haunt, Grimoire of Sacrifice

On the topic of talent tree layouts in general for all specs - it's always a list of competing, sometimes contradictory desires, all of which are valid to some varying degrees:

  • "All talents on a row should be equal"
  • "Some talents should better in some situations"
  • "Talents on the same row shouldn't clearly be better in single target or AOE vs other talents on the same row"
  • "Difficult to use talents should be a little more rewarding than easy to use talents"
  • "Talents shouldn't be too similar to each other"
  • "Players should be allowed to pick whatever talent they find the most fun"
  • "The strongest talent should probably be the most fun one"

And so on. It’s often not possible to satisfy all requirements, so it becomes sort of finding the best configuration that satisfies as many desires as possible, and iterating on improvements for the future.

As usual, we're always open to feedback.

End of Legion: Mythic Raiding Feedback

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
With Legion coming to a close we thought we might try something a little different and collect some specific feedback on things. Last week's topic, which was Mythic+, I think went over really well and I'm looking forward to what you guys have to say about some of the topics on our list and what you thought about them over the course of the expansion.

This week's topic is going to be about Mythic Raiding over the course of Legion. We want to hear what you all think it did well, what you think it didn't, what about certain bosses that you liked or didn't like, specific mechanics, etc.

Why "Mythic" Raiding specifically?
We felt like Mythic on its own stood to be its own topic because it has its own specific feedback comparatively to Heroic or Normal. There will be another topic later that will cover Normal and Heroic.

Where is X topic?
Don't worry as we have a list of topics that we plan on going down and its probably on the list. Every week will be a new topic so just give us a moment and we'll get there.

Also a friendly note that just because you see it here doesn't mean it will be changed or added - and this topic is not an indication of future feature development.

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