Challenge Rift - Week 41

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Greater Invasion Boss - Mistress Alluradel
Mistress Alluradel is up this week, rewarding item level 930 loot!

Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
930 Cloth Head Mesmerizing Soul Hood Modelviewer
930 Cloth Shoulders Accursed Defiler's Mantle Modelviewer
930 Cloth Feet Nefarious Light-Step Slippers Modelviewer
930 Leather Shoulders Fel-Spike Shoulderpads Modelviewer
930 Leather Waist Cinch of Detestable Guile Modelviewer
930 Leather Legs Leggings of Heinous Acts Modelviewer
930 Mail Chest Enthralling Chain Armor Modelviewer
930 Mail Waist Waistguard of Devilish Deeds Modelviewer
930 Mail Wrists Poison-Barbed Bracers Modelviewer
930 Plate Shoulders Spaulders of Vile Determination Modelviewer
930 Plate Chest Breastplate of Terminal End Modelviewer
930 Plate Feet Soul Crushing Stompers Modelviewer
930 Blood Relic Scourge of Perverse Desire
930 Fire Relic Fel Mistress' Brand

World Boss - Na'zak the Fiend
Na'zak the Fiend is up this week! If you are an alchemist without Recipe: Potion of Prolonged Power he is also the source for this recipe.

Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
Mists of Pandaria timewalking is back! It offers rewards such as Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade.

Brawl - Arathi Blizzard
This brawl brings wintertime to Arathi Basin, reducing visibility and freezing part of the lake!

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