Patch 7.3.5 PTR - Build 25744
Build 25744 was deployed to the PTR realms.









Calculators Updated

Achievement Changes
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Feats of Strength

Player vs. Player

  • Know Thy Enemy Get an honorable, killing blow on seven different races. 10 points. against all Alliance races. 10 points.
  • Know Thy Enemy Get an honorable, killing blow on seven different races. 10 points. against all Horde races. 10 points.

Seething Shore
Player vs. Player

  • Blood and Sand Slay 50 enemies near a Rich Azerite deposit. 10 points. an Azerite deposit. 10 points.
  • Claim Jumper Within 30 seconds of landing on Seething Shore, collect a Rich Azerite deposit. 10 points. an Azerite deposit. 10 points.
  • Seething Shore Domination Capture Rich Capture Azerite each of the following locations in Seething Shore. 20 points.

Spell Changes
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Raid & Dungeon Abilities

  • Cannon Blast Fire a cannonball at the enemy, dealing 60,000 180,000 damage. 10-100 yd range. Instant.
  • Psychic Assault The Legion commanders still in their command pods assault the player's mind directly, inflicting 350,000 177,500 Shadow damage every 2 sec. On Heroic and Mythic difficulties, the damage inflicted increases with each tick. 100 yd range. Instant. Each tick will do more than the last, until the player's mind is overcome. 100 yd range. Instant.
  • Reaper Charge Charges an enemy, inflicting 200 600 Physical damage and stunning the opponent for 4 sec. 40 Energy. 30 yd range. Instant. 2 sec cooldown.
  • Reaper Strike Deals 100 Deals 298 Physical damage in a cone in front of the Prototype Reaper. Generates 20 steam pressure. 7 yd range. Instant. 1 sec cooldown.

Item Effects

  • Drink (New) Restores 1,296,000 mana over 30 sec. Must remain seated while drinking. Instant.
  • Ensemble: Crimson Sentinel Garb Collect the appearances of the Crimson Sentinel Garb set. Instant. armor set. Instant.
  • Ensemble: Tundraspite Armor Collect the appearances of the Tundraspite Armor armor set. Instant. set. Instant.
  • Food (New) Restores 1,638,348 health over 30 sec. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 72 Stamina for 15 min. Instant.
  • S.F.E. Interceptor Summons a Summons an S.F.E. Interceptor and binds your vision to it. The Interceptor is slightly stealthed and moves very quickly, but is somewhat fragile. Unlimited range. 45 sec cast (Channeled).

Strings Changes
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  • QUEST_KING_ANDUIN_WRYNN (New) - King|nAnduin Wrynn
  • QUEST_WARCHIEF_SYLVANAS_WINDRUNNER (New) - Warchief|nSylvanas Windrunner

Misc Changes
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Battle Masters

  • Random Battleground - Level: 15-110. Players: 5-40. Rated players: 25. Maps: Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Deepwind Gorge, Eye of the Storm, Isle of Conquest, Seething Shore, Silvershard Mines, Strand of the Ancients, Temple of Kotmogu, The Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, Warsong Gulch.


  • Timewalking - Players: 5.Fallback: Heroic.

Map Areas
Broken Isles

  • Dalaran > The Postmaster's Office - Music: Zone_735_PostmasterWalk.


  • Silithus > Silithus: The Wound - Music: Zone-Silithus. Music: Zone_735_Silithus_PointofImpact.
  • Silithus > Southwind Village - Music: Zone-Silithus. Music: Zone_735_Silithus_PointofImpact.
  • Silithus > Staghelm Point - Music: Zone-Silithus. Music: Zone_735_Silithus_PointofImpact.

Seething Shore

  • Seething Shore > Bonfire - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Crash Site - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Overlook - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Plunge - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Ridge - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Ruins - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Shipwreck - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Tar Pits - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Temple - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Tide Pools - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Tower - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Uncharted Territory - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.
  • Seething Shore > Waterfall - Music: Zone_735_PVP_SeethingShoreWalk.

Telogrus Rift

  • Telogrus Rift > Fathom's Edge - Music: Zone_735_AlliedRace_VoidElf_02.

World Map Areas
The Sunwell

  • The Sunwell (New)

World Safe Locations
Telogrus Rift Scenario

  • Telogrus Rift Scenario - Island 2 (New)
  • Telogrus Rift Scenario - Island 3 (New)
  • Telogrus Rift Scenario - Island 4 (New)

New Items
Check out the new items in this build and all of the new items in Patch 7.3.5 on the PTR site!

Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
1 Quest Letter from King Anduin Wrynn
1 Quest Letter from Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
171 Off Hand Off Hand Crystal of Ensnared Power Modelviewer
171 Off Hand Off Hand Spark of the Forge Modelviewer
171 Leather Head Helm of Cauterization Modelviewer
171 Leather Shoulders Shoddily Stitched Shoulderguards Modelviewer
171 Leather Chest Vest of the Observant Modelviewer
171 Leather Waist Chilly Cinch Modelviewer
171 Leather Waist Belt of Vile Concoctions Modelviewer
171 Leather Legs Freshly Sewn Leggings Modelviewer
171 Leather Feet Bodyguard's Treads Modelviewer
171 Leather Hands Tangler-Leather Gloves Modelviewer
171 Mail Head Helm of Dire Vision Modelviewer
171 Mail Shoulders Nerubian Mantle Modelviewer
171 Mail Legs Chain Leggings of the Tide Modelviewer
171 Mail Feet Skadi's Scaled Boots Modelviewer
171 Plate Shoulders Pauldrons of the Great Tide Modelviewer
171 Plate Waist Dino-Toothed Waistguard Modelviewer
171 Plate Legs Slag-Stained Legplates Modelviewer
171 Plate Wrists Marbled Bracers Modelviewer
171 Plate Hands Skittering Gauntlets Modelviewer
171 Plate Hands Gauntlets of Stuttering Reality Modelviewer
45 One-handed Axe One Hand Sandfury Hatchet Modelviewer
16 One-handed Axe One Hand Everstill Hewer Modelviewer
46 One-handed Axe One Hand Blam-Hatchet Modelviewer
29 Two-handed Axe Two Hand Gan'zulah' Headchopper Modelviewer
23 Bow Ranged Old Guard's Bow Modelviewer
7 Gun Ranged Snubnose Blunderbuss Modelviewer
32 One-handed Mace One Hand Cudgel of Naralex Modelviewer
28 One-handed Mace One Hand Crystal-Chipping Mallet Modelviewer
20 One-handed Mace One Hand Spiky Legbone Modelviewer
32 One-handed Mace One Hand Scepter of Naralex Modelviewer
48 Two-handed Mace Two Hand Meatface's Tenderizer Modelviewer
41 Two-handed Mace Two Hand Oversized Mixing Agitator Modelviewer
48 Two-handed Mace Two Hand Dunemaul Skullcracker Modelviewer
25 Polearm Two Hand Shredder Arm Extension Modelviewer
11 Staff Two Hand Carved Ashwood Stick Modelviewer
51 Staff Two Hand Staff of Haunted Memory Modelviewer
171 Staff Two Hand Rod of Aggressive Questioning Modelviewer
21 Fist Weapon One Hand Stout Fist Modelviewer
41 Dagger One Hand Deep-Sea Retrieval Hook Modelviewer
35 Dagger One Hand Fuse-Cutter Knife Modelviewer
23 Crossbow Ranged Exorcist's Crossbow Modelviewer
171 Wand Ranged Constructor's Worklight Modelviewer

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