Pink Smoke Effect, Westmarch Workshop, Necromancer Cosplay

Final Frozen Throne Card Reveal Stream - Live Updates

Sharding Disabled in Northrend
Blizzard disabled sharding in Northrend to help out the annual Tournament of Ages event!

Legion PvP Season 4 Ending Soon!

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Soon the gates will close on Legion PvP Season 4 for all Arena and Battleground competitors.

Season 4 – End of Season Rewards
If you participated in Season 4, to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind:

  • Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 4 has ended.
  • Legion Season 4 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends.

Faction-Based Rewards
Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. You must have 150 wins for Gladiator and Cruel Gladiator.

When the last sounds of clashing weapons fade, how will you measure up this season?

Blue Tweets

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Could the Black Transmutagen alchemy reagent have a vendor sell price? We get far too many with almost no way to use up!
All transmutagens can be vendored in 7.3.Thanks! (WarcraftDevs)

What does Sargeras do in his pasttime?
Drives the lore community insane (Muffinus)

Is the Celestial Calf supposed to be cageable and resellable on 7.3 PTR? Sounds like a bug.
This change has been reverted. You can still collect three of them now in 7.3. (WarcraftDevs)

Blue Posts

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The Netherlight Crucible And You
I'm...even more confused...

Before the patch, if you get a relic that doesn't have the trait you want, you throw it away.

After the patch, if you get a relic that doesn't have the trait you want, you can plug it into the Netherlight Crucible and maybe get it anyway.

That's about all there is to it! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The Lich King at Blizzard - Part 2
This video checks back in at Blizzard to see how The Lich King is doing.

Dark Legacy Comics #593
DLC #593 has been released!

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