The Deaths of Chromie Scenario
Chromie needs your help to stop her death! In this solo scenario, you will defeat eight different attacks on Chromie throughout time before it is too late. Rewards include Timewarped Badges, the Timelord title, and transmog gear.

  • Head to Wyrmrest Temple to find Chromie.
  • You will have to run this scenario a number of times to farm reputation to unlock Chromie's talents, unlock the Chronoportals, and learn how to beat it in time.
  • You have 15 minutes (plus whatever bonus time you can collect) to stop all eight attacks on Chromie.
  • Completing the scenario in time rewards the Chromie themed armor set transmog.
  • You will have an item level of 1000 and player level of 112.
  • You will have to do a slow clear of each Dragonshrine once to unlock the other four situations that Chromie needs to be saved from.
  • The chests that Chromie will reveal on the map with a talent are also present without the talent, so keep an eye out for them.

This video shows a lucky and relatively relaxed run with full talents. If you are lucky or try to significantly optimize your route and gameplay, you may be able to complete the scenario in time without the full set of talents.



Chromie's Talents
Chromie has seven tiers of talents, with a higher reputation level needed for each one. Tiers 3-7 take time to research and each tier must be researched before moving on to the next. You can chain run the scenario to farm reputation, allowing you to reach max reputation far before you will be able to research all of the talents. You will be able to swap between talents instantly after researching that tier.

  • Tier 1
    • Time Stop - Chromie can freeze an enemy and all enemies within 5 yards of them for 3 sec.
    • Acceleration - Movement and mounted speed is increased by 20%.
    • Bonus - Damage and healing increased by 5%.

  • Tier 2
    • Acceleration Aggression - Chromie is a tank, increasing threat by 200% and healing received by 60%. Damage increased by up to 100% (scaling with her health), but she loses 2% health every second while above 50% health. Damage bonus increased up to 500% when you are a healer.
    • Rapid Recovery - Chromie is a healer, with 3 new abilities. Reduce the damage you take from the next 3 attacks by 90%, allies within 10 yds regenerate 1% health per second, and restore an ally's health to highest point in last 8 seconds.
    • Bonus - Health increased by 5%.

  • Tier 3 - 1 Day Research
    • Dragon's Determination - Chromie's damage taken is reduced by 20%.
    • Chrono Charisma - Reputation gain increased by 100% during final 5 minutes and 300% during final minute.
    • Bonus - Movement and mounted speed increased by 5%.

  • Tier 4 - 1 Day Research
    • Insight - Chromie reveals nearby treasure chests.
    • Blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight - Greater chance to earn Bronze Drake from Sands of Time, instantly clearing a dragonshrine.
    • Bonus - Damage and healing increased by 10%.

  • Tier 5 - 1 Day Research
    • Fortuitous - Chance to find Sands of Time increased by 100%.
    • Bonus - Health increased by 10%.

  • Tier 6 - 2 Days Research
    • Infinite Velocity - Unlock portals from Wyrmrest to each dragonshrine and back.
    • Continuous Keepsakes - Greater chance to earn a Keepsake Box from Sands of Time. These boxes contain items that reduce the difficulty of Chronoportal challenges.
    • Bonus - Movement and mounted speed increased by 10%.

  • Tier 7 - 5 Days Research
    • Dragon Crash - Chromie can summon a dragon that crashes into your foes, dealing Physical damage.
    • Bonus - Damage, healing, health, movement, and mounted speed all increased by 50%.

Sands of Time
There is a chance to find Sands of Time on enemy corpses, as quest rewards, and from chests. The item allows you to choose from one of two rewards to make the scenario a little bit easier. Generally the priority for your choice should be Keepsake Box or Bronze Drake, Stolen Time, followed by the rest. Currently damage reduction isn't very necessary, even for cloth casters.

Keep in mind that once a choice is presented, it doesn't change. This can be useful in giving you a little bit of control over the rewards. For example, if you have only cleared one Dragonshrine and get a Bronze Drake as an option, go ahead and clear two more before selecting the drake so that you can use it on the far away final shrine. The same goes for getting a Keepsake box near the end of one of the Chronoportals. Don't make the choice until after you complete that Chronoportal, otherwise you could get one for the current portal you are almost finished with!

  • Time-Lost Keepsake Box - Grants an item that allows you to quickly complete one of the Chronoportal challenges.
  • Bronze Drake - Allows you to complete one of the Dragonshrines instantly.
  • Stolen Time - Grants 10, 20, or 30 extra seconds to complete the scenario.
  • Favor of the Bronze - Grants 25% increased reputation with Chromie in the scenario. This buff stacks.
  • Wings of the Bronze - Increase run speed by 10% while in the Deaths of Chromie scenario, stacking up to 10 times.
  • Hide of the Bronze - Reduce damage taken by 10% while in the Deaths of Chromie scenario, stacking up to 9 times.
  • Fangs of the Bronze - Increase damage dealt by 10% while in the Deaths of Chromie scenario. This buff stacks.
  • Timewarped Badges - Grants 10 Timewarped Badges.
  • Time-Lost Wallet - Grants a small amount of gold and a rare chance at one of the two pets.
  • Reputation - Grants 50, 100, or 200 reputation with Chromie.

After completing the tasks to reveal the boss at each Dragonshrine, you will be able to head directly to the boss's location in future runs of the scenario, saving significant time.

There are four Chronoportals that are unlocked after you complete one of the corresponding Dragonshrines for the first time.

  • Mount Hyjal
    • Run up to the injured Chromie, fight off the waves of attackers, defeat the Fiery Behemoth
    • If you have a Brimstone Beacon, you can skip right to the boss.

  • War for Andorhal

  • The Well of Eternity
    • Mount up and ride along the edge of the well down the path to the portal. You will have to kill anything you pulled before being able to take the portal, including the Felhound that gets sent chasing you.
    • Mount up, follow the path back towards where you normally enter the instance. Don't dismount until you come across Grolethax. Be sure Chromie is next to you and around the corner against the invisible wall to line of sight the caster NPCs.
    • After killing everything to drop combat, take the portal out. If you don't drop combat, sometimes you are stuck in combat and can no longer mount for the rest of the scenario.

  • Culling of Stratholme
    • This is an ideal Chronoportal to be able to skip, as it can take up to seven minutes without speed buffs.
    • Head into the city and pick up Smoke, Meat, and Pretty Flowers from Emery Neill
    • Purchase all of the special scenario items from the shop vendors. You will probably make two trips the first time through, as the followup quest sends you to buy other things from the same shops.
    • Take the Town Hall key, run up to the hidden bookcase, and run through the streets along the normal instance path. Be sure to pull the casters so they aren't pulled by Chromie and kill her.
    • Kill Nezar'Azret, free Chromie, and move on!

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