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Patch 7.2.5 PTR - Build 24287
Build 24287 went live today.

Spell Changes
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Item Set Bonuses

Death Knight (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)
PvP Talents

  • Necrotic Strike A vicious strike that deals (100% of weapon damage) Plague damage, and converts 1 Festering Wounds into a Necrotic Wound, absorbing the next [ 600% [ 900% of AP ] healing received by the target. Unholy DeathKnight - Tier 5 PvP Talent. 1 Runes. Melee range. Instant.

Demon Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

  • Demon Blades Your auto attacks have a 100% 60% chance to deal additional Shadow damage and generate Fury. Havoc Demon Hunter - Level 100 Talent.

Shaman (Forums, Talent Calculator, PvP Talent Calculator, Artifact Calculator)

  • Earth Shock Instantly shocks the target with concussive force, causing up to [ 920% [ 1,100% of Spell Power ] Nature damage based on Maelstrom spent. Shaman - Elemental Spec. 10 Maelstrom. 40 yd range. Instant.

Darkmoon Faire - Blight Boar Band
In Patch 7.2.5, Blight Boar joins ETC in performing at the Darkmoon Faire. You can find them in a new cave off to the east of Darkmoon Isle.

  • The concert happens every hour at 30 minutes after the hour.
  • During the concert, Death Metal Knight will spawn and the surrounding group can attack him. He spawns waves of ghosts you need to dodge, ghouls to kill, and has a frost aura, so you may want a healer.
  • Intercepting the AoE that the band throws out helps you progress from Casual Fan, Serious Fan, Hardcore Fan, to Number One Fan

Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
110 Other Blight Boar Microphone
600 Two-handed Mace Two Hand Necromedes, the Death Resonator Modelviewer
600 Cloth Head Lightly-Padded Cage Helm Modelviewer
600 Leather Head Leather-Lined Cage Helm Modelviewer
600 Mail Head Chain-Linked Cage Helm Modelviewer
600 Plate Head Steel-Reinforced Cage Helm Modelviewer

Name Points Category
Hey, You're a Rockstar! Participate in the Blight Boar concert.
5 Darkmoon Faire
Mosh Pit Don't allow any ghouls to reach Devlynn Styx during the Blight Boar concert.
5 Darkmoon Faire
Perfect Performance Participate in a perfect performance of the Blight Boar concert.
10 Darkmoon Faire
Taking this Show on the Road Have each of the band's roles assigned to you after participating in the Blight Boar concert.
10 Darkmoon Faire

Vendor Items
Various vendors around the area sell masks, glowing sticks that leave a short trail behind your character's hands, food, and drink.

Level Type Name Model Viewer
1 Head Blighthead Electric Beehive Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Blighthead Grim Smile Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Blighthead Bitter Wounds Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Devlynn Styx Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Blighthead Slack-Jaw Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Blighthead Mohawk Mask Modelviewer
1 Head Blighthead Romero Mask Modelviewer
1 Other Purple Dance Stick
1 Other Green Dance Stick
1 Food & Drink Hunk of Mystery Meat
1 Food & Drink "Killer" Brew
1 Food & Drink P.B.R.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Elemental Discussions - 7.2.5 Part 2
Brief aside on scaling, since it's getting a lot of discussion in this thread. Slightly technical.

Elemental's scaling with crit doesn't pose any major problems that we know of. Yes, crit doesn't improve Lava Burst, but improves everything else by more than the standard amount due to Elemental Fury and Elemental Focus. This is intended to make crit's total value balanced for Elemental, and as far as we know it's in a good place. A quick glance at community-made guides etc. would indicate that players have the same valuation (crit is far from the bottom stat). The fact that distribution of crit's benefit is not uniform on all spells is in many ways a good thing--it give the stats more texture. It's something that would probably be good to have more of across the specs (as is common with mastery and haste).

Haste improves Earth Shock and Earthquake by virtue of casting them more often (in addition to reducing cast/GCD time, although the former is more important). Imagine a simplified world where 3 Chain Lightnings build enough resource for 1 Earthquake. The entire cast sequence of CL-CL-CL-EQ gets compressed by whatever your haste percentage is, improving your DPS by that amount. The Earthquake doesn't have to do more damage per cast with haste (in the same way that the Chain Lightning doesn't do more damage per cast, and nobody questions that).

We agree that the mastery cap is not ideal. It is not completely urgent since you have to be rather mastery-stacked to hit it, even in current endgame gear. But knowing that problem will get worse, I would not be surprised if we looked into it in an upcoming patch.

EDIT: I believe PTR should currently (or shortly) have:
--Earth Shock damage increased by 25% (from 20%)
--Earthquake damage increased by 55% (from 30%)
--Frost Shock damage increased by 25%

Just Earthquake for now. Rather than buff both equally, putting the whole buff into EQ shifts some damage from SS towards EQ in the process to make things a little less random. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
How about fixing the crusader strike animation on female draenei?
Nearly every race retained an original animation on at least one ability. For Draenei females they were Crusader Strike, Mortal Strike, etc. (WarcraftDevs)

Class Mounts
This work for the druid flight form as well since I read you had to go to class hall to activate it
Low level druid alts can activate their new flight form in Moonglade. (Muffinus)

Can we please have Elite sets in the appearances tab please? Aka I have 5 items from the prideful set, but cannot view it.
Elite sets do exist, but will only show if you have completed the set. (WarcraftDevs)

Will season 3 Elite pvp sets ensemble be available for marks of honor once season 4 begins (provided you hit 2k in s3)?
The Season 3 Elite PvP ensembles will become available at the end of Season 4. (WarcraftDevs)

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