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Legion - Grand Magistrix Elisande
Grand Magistrix Elisande is one of the final bosses in The Nighthold. We previewed her model in this video.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Elisande once distinguished herself by resisting the Legion. She and her highborne followers broke away from Queen Azshara and the dark path she was taking, harnessing the power of the Eye of Aman'thul to create the Nightwell to protect Suramar from the Sundering. But over ten thousand years later, the Legion's arrival offered her no such recourse. She has cast her lot with the demons, hoping to once again use the power of the Nightwell - albeit this time in a very different sense - to save her people.

  • Overview - Grand Magistrix Elisande harness the power of the Nightwell to shape time itself. When her health is low and she is nearing defeat, she rewinds time to send players back to the point at which they first engaged her. The fight recommences from this point, but Elisande uses new abilities mixed in with echoes of her past actions. She can perform this feat twice, after which time can no longer save her.
    • Damage Dealers -
      • Epocheric Orb damages the entire raid if allowed to strike the ground.
      • Expedient Elementals continually damage the raid with Exothermic Release until they are dispatched. This damage increases with each successful cast.
      • Recursive Elementals Shield Grand Magistrix Elisande from all damage as long as they are alive.

    • Healers -

    • Tanks -
      • In each time layer, Elisande employs a different ability to threaten tanks.
      • Ablating Explosion inflicts falloff damage to the entire raid when it expires.
      • Interrupt Ablative Pulse.

  • Time Stop - The caster stops the flow of time for all but herself, and sends her enemies back in time. This ability costs the caster a significant portion of the caster's energy and can only be used as long as they have sufficient time energy available.
  • Time Elementals - Grand Magistrix periodically summons Time Elementals to aid her in combat. When these elementals are dispatched they leave behind a rift that persists until they are consumed.
    • Recursive Elemental - When this elemental dies it leaves behind a zone of Slow Time.
      • Lingering Burn - The victim burns from intense Arcane energy for 4 sec.
      • Compressed Time - The caster lobs orbs of Arcane energy that inflict 500,000 Arcane damage to all players within 5 yards of the impact.
      • Shield - The caster shields Grand Magistrix Elisande from all damage.
      • Recursion - The caster resets the duration of all enemy players' debuffs, and resets the duration of the Grand Magistrix's Delphuric Beam ability.
      • Blast - Inflicts 800,000 Arcane damage to the target.
      • Slow Time - Your relative time has decreased by 30%, reducing casting, movement, attack speed, cooldown recharge rate, and periodic tick rates.

    • Expedient Elemental - When this elemental dies it leaves behind a zone of Fast Time.
      • Exothermic Release - Inflicts 321,500 Arcane damage to all enemies. The caster deals 5% more damage with this ability each time they use it.
      • Expedite - The caster increases the time rate of all enemy player debuffs. Both the periodic rate and the duration of affected auras will be faster.
      • Fast Time - Your relative time has increased by 30%, increasing casting, movement, attack speed, cooldown recharge rate, and periodic tick rates.

  • Temporalisis - The caster freezes enemy players in time for 4 sec.
  • Time Layer 1 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Permeliorative Torment and Arcanetic Ring abilities.
    • Arcanetic Ring - The caster summons an Arcanetic Ring that slowly collapses inwards, inflicting 1,070,000 Arcane damage to all in its path.
    • Spanning Singularity - The caster rips several holes in time under their enemies. Each hole explodes for 178,500 Arcane damage to victims caught in the area.
      After the explosion occurs, a Singularity is created. Anyone entering the Singularity suffers 500,000 Arcane damage every second.
      Standing in the Singularity causes it to shrink and ultimately disappear.
    • Ablation - The caster traces Arcane magic around the target that will inflict 71,400 Arcane damage every second.

  • Time Layer 2 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Epocheric Orb and Delphuric Beam abilities.
    • Delphuric Beam - The caster periodically targets players and fires a burst of Arcane energy at them. Any players caught in the path of this Arcane energy suffer 714,500 Arcane damage.
    • Epocheric Orb - The caster rips a hole in the fabric of time, unleashing an orb of intense Arcane energy that will inflict 714,500 Arcane damage to all players when it hits the ground.
      If a player catches the orb, the radius of the explosion is reduced to 5 yards instead.
    • Ablating Explosion - The caster traces Arcane magic around the target that will inflict 714,500 Arcane falloff damage to all enemies from the point of the target after 6 sec.

  • Time Layer 3 - During this time Time Layer Grand Magistrix Elisande will use her Conflexive Burst and Spanning Singularity abilities.
    • Permeliative Torment - Marks several enemies with Arcane energies that periodically inflict damage to the victim.
      The damage inflicted increases every time it occurs.
    • Conflexive Burst - The caster causes the strands of time to converge on multiple targets. After 20 sec, each convergence causes 571,500 Arcane damage to all players within 200 yards.
    • Ablative Pulse - Inflicts 600,000 Arcane damage to the target. Each cast of Ablative Pulse increases the damage of further Ablative Pulses against the victim by 10%.

Transmogrification Update - June 22

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hey all!

We hope you’re enjoying the new transmog system. We’re very excited about it on the Development team as well. I’d be lying if I said that no one on the team didn’t have stacks of salvage crates and banks full of items ready to go. It’s going to be awesome!

I want to caution, and (hopefully) reassure all of you hardcore transmoggers out there. Firstly, what you see in the Legion Beta is a work in progress. What is and isn’t available for transmog will change as we find and fix bugs. Yes, that means some appearances that currently show up in the Beta will not be there when Legion launches, while others that are not currently being shown will be added.

A challenge with a system like this is the sheer amount of data we’re working with. There are approximately 30,000 appearances in the game, and we have about 150,000 items. As you can imagine, our processes have changed over the years, leaving a lot of different ways that items, appearances, and sources can link up. We always try to fix problems in a systematic way (if this appearance/item is not unlocking correctly, there are probably hundreds or thousands of appearances that are also wrong in the same way), but those changes can also cause different bugs to appear, affecting appearances that had previously been correct. That leads to fixes where some items need to be changed (either by hiding or unhiding), and the cycle continues. While we are achieving a higher overall success rate as we go, what is and isn’t unlocked may appear to be unpredictable.

That can be scary. However, you need the context of what we’re doing, so that you’re better equipped to find and report issues with the system.

Our primary goal for appearances is to ensure that all appearances that a character can currently use as a transmog source in Warlords of Draenor will continue to use that transmog source in Legion. We know of a few Beta issues that violate this rule (racial restrictions, armor type changes), and we’re working through them. However, we will probably have a few appearances that are still missing (examples: low-level mail/leather conversions). Don’t panic! Let us know what we missed, and we’ll address them as soon as we can.

Our next goal is that we’d like to maintain the same restrictions on what you can and cannot transmog to in Legion as we currently have in Warlords of Draenor. There are numerous reasons for this, but the primary reason is to avoid players feeling that they need to faction change or race change just to unlock a piece of equipment. We know that some of you have done that in the past, and we’re going to respect those items, but we’d like for players to not feel obligated to do so in the future. The end result of this is that there are currently some bugs in the Beta with items that look like we’ve loosened the restriction on, but we don’t intend to. These are just bugs. On the other hand, there are some items that look like we added restrictions when none existed before (i.e. Death Knight starting equipment), but nothing is actually changing with them: only Death Knights can get that gear, and only Death Knights can use that gear for transmog purposes.

Everyone has been amazing at finding and reporting bugs, and I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate that and how much it helps us get things right. We’re monitoring the forums and bug reports and keeping track of everything that’s being reporting. Rest assured, we’re working to make sure that we aren’t taking anything away in Legion that you can transmog in Warlords of Draenor, even if we have to fix it in a future patch. We will get it right.

Thank you!

Soooooo... You're removing class/race restrictions on things like Blood-Tempered Ranseur and Very Light Sabre?

The rule that I hope to clarify is this: If you’re allowed to transmog it in the live game (Warlords of Draenor), you’ll be allowed to in Legion.

There are some items such as those listed above that will be fixed to again be available with the next version of the Beta.

Generally speaking, we are not opening up previously-restricted items.

Yeah I can't seem to transmog the novice handwraps on beta (no fist weapon graphic) however on live they transmog no problem. Hoping to see them available on launch or something similar as I hate fist weapons lol

This is one of several items that we're looking into and hope to have fixed for Legion.

If I can ask for things, it would be nice to be able to rotate items in the preview window (some weapons don't show their full beauty from the default viewing angle).
Good suggestion. We'll investigate to see if we can do this at some point.

Which works better for you, posting the bugs/missing items we find on the Forums or making an in-game Bug Report?
Let's say both. We process both.

When testing and submitting reports, I personally use the in-game tool when it's something that I feel I can explain briefly, and I use the forum when it's something I need to think about and maybe elaborate on.

Legion Headaches

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
It definitely caused problems at least since Northrend (edge glow for me) for some people, although I don't know anything recent. Does /console ffxGlow 0 still work to disable it?
That command should disable it, yes. I'm curious if that actually fixes the issue for anybody, since the effect has been in the game for a while. Might be a red herring here, but I'm curious about everybody's results and experiences.

It was definitely the issue for me. I've been using an addon I wrote years ago that disables ffxglow (since the setting doesn't seem to save itself anymore), so I've been used to no glow. Loading up the Beta client was an immediate headache due to all the glow you've been adding over the years. Disabling it again was basically instant relief.
That's good to know, thanks.

On a related note, If anybody who plays live 6.2.4 with glow enabled had to disable to it in Beta (and disabling it was the only change you made and it helped) I'd love to know more specifics.

The shaking seems limited to The Valley and parts of Krasarang, but it really needs evaluating before Legion pre-patch goes live.
We're planning a pass on camera shakes to reduce the outliers like Galleon; that's probably a few weeks out because it needs to be done manually but it's on our radar to fix.

Legion Beta Bugs

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Test Request: Unobtainable Appearances
I noticed that the AQ 40 tier 2.5 class sets weren't in my Appearance Tab after having deleted them so long ago. I'm guessing that they can't be properly tracked and retroactively added because the quest is repeatable?

That's the only explanation I can come with here, but even then, you'd think there'd at least be a way to track if the player has done the quest at least once. Any clarification we can get on this matter helps.

Your guess is correct. Repeatable quests cannot give credit for appearances, sorry.

Thanks for the continued reports - we'll look in to as many as we can. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

World Server Issues
Some server crashes are resulting in problems like World Server Down, Character Not Found, and general delays on spell casting and abilities. We're aware and working on the problem, sorry for the impact to testing. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legion Intro Quests
We're still iterating on some of the intro quest lines between Broken Shore and New Dalaran, this build still has some bugs (that should be fixed by the next build).

We'll go into more details about how this plays out (for 1st time characters and alts as well). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Armor Physics
Something went wrong with the "physics" tech for dangling pieces of armor like belts, shoulders, some weapons, etc. We'll work to fix. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Hunter Artifact Progression Bug
To catch everyone up here, while fixing a bug in the most recent build, we cleared progress specifically for the Survival Hunter artifact and Shadow Priest artifact quests. This made the quests available again to players that had previously completed them.

For those of you that encountered these quests again, accepting them and then abandoning them triggered some clean-up behavior on the quests that deleted their associated artifacts.

While we'd never do this kind of quest clearing outside of testing environments, we've taken this opportunity to put in some additional safeguards to prevent things like this from happening in the future. Sadly, they've come too late for a few of you.

Normally in a beta environment we can't offer a much support even for really painful bugs, but we also realize the impact of this particular issue has the potential to strip away most of the progression on your beta character. One of our server team magicians is currently trying to restore some of the lost weapons with their progression intact. We can't make any promises that this restoration will work, but if it does, some of you may find your weapons mailed back to you today or tomorrow. In the meantime, if you had an artifact deleted, please refrain from re-obtaining a new version of it if you can, as you won't be able to have 2 of the same artifact in your inventory, so it may prevent the restoration from succeeding.

I am deeply sorry for those of you who ran into this. Thank you for reporting the issue for us here and helping us identify it quickly. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Frost Mage Changes
Hey all. We've been exceptionally busy fixing the last few (well, thousands of) bugs and design issues for Legion, so have fallen behind at this thread. We'll still try to catch up on all the great questions of the past 11 pages, soon, though.

Wanted to stop by and share a bit of theorycrafting info about one of the new things in this latest build though, Flurry. As theorycrafters know, whether a spell is going to miss/hit/crit is determined when the cast bar completes and the missile leaves your hand. That's also when most stats from the caster are taken into account.

This has always been awkward for Shatter, which is extra crit chance if the target is frozen. As experienced Frost Mages will likely tell you, what matters for Shatter is whether the target is frozen when the missile leaves your hand, not when it impacts. That's why the classic Frostbolt+Ice Lance (aka "Shattercombo") works.

However, that's not what you'd expect as a player; you'd expect that it matters whether the target is frozen when the missile impacts them. You'd expect that with Winter's Chill from Flurry, the 2nd and 3rd hits, and the Ice Lance you cast immediately afterward would all benefit from Shatter.

In the current build, you'll find that we added some logic to account for those expectations. However, in the next build, you'll find that we've gone a leap further:

Due to the importance of Shatter, Frost Mage damage will be calculated on impact, rather than on finishing the cast. This applies to Frostbolt, Flurry, Ebonbolt, Ice Lance, Glacial Spike, Comet Storm (other spells have no missile/travel time). This means that, for example, you could Freeze a target while a Frostbolt is in the air, and it will benefit from Shatter on impact.

We also made a noteworthy change to how freeze effects break. We removed the protection from breaking in the first 0.5sec of their life, and instead made them break 0.4sec after they take enough damage to break, rather than immediately when they take enough damage to break. This will allow the classic "Shattercombo" to still work.

And a heads-up about how this may change in the future: In a later patch, we're going to consider having only Shatter be calculated on impact, and everything else still be calculated on cast (as before), but that was not an option for 7.0. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
Priest PvP Talent Bug - Premonition
Thanks for the detailed report, I appreciate all the research you did into this bug! Premonition will work in all the situations you listed once you get a build with the changes. I believe it won't make the very next build you get, but it will be in the following one.

Premonition is built slightly different than Shadow Word: Death, but the backlash damage should always occur around 1.25 seconds after the initial cast. (Official Forums)

Dark Legacy Comics #542
DLC #542 has been released.

Final Boss - Subtlety Rogue Spec Preview
Final Boss is back with a second round of spec previews.

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